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Narrative, Visual

Endless Flight of the Phoenix 

This is a short film from way way back. It was made up of old and new super8 footage. It’s about endlessly travelling. Or more precisely: A man seeks the aid of a doctor to get the ghosts out of his house. The traveler (the…

Documentary, Text

Wardenclyffe: Telsa’s Lost Dream 

The Wardenclyffe tower upon completion. This image may have been fabricated as the angles seemed different. Originally written in 2011 - Updated 2021 With all recent oil panic and near nuclear meltdowns I decided to venture out to the mythical site of Wardenclyffe in Shoreham,...

Before the Flood 

The train begins its journey on the edge of a perfect disk. It travels to its certain destination and the railroad line spirals through the scenery of the disk. When the journey reaches its end, we will come to the axis of the disk itself….


Red National 60 Sheets (excerpt) 

Chinese Girl at counter with little tiny padlocks. 10 layers of peeling paint on subway column. Broke up fight on platform between two businessmen. Kids compare wrong notes about atomic disasters. People sleeping outside church in car. There will be a day when people live…


Saved by Driveway – St. Martin 

Upon my arrival last year in December for a vacation from the northeast, I rented a cheap Diahatsu car for a hundred dollars for a week and started to drive across the island. There is one main road which encircles both the French and Dutch…

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