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Sound, Text, Visual, Visualization Version 22 

This is about the 22nd version of this monstrosity of a website called SPILLWAY.COM. This site started out as a found photo site back in the early neanderthal days of the internet. It was called the People’s Photos. It received a lot of attention which compromised…

Documentary, Visual

Atari Time Machine 

This is a short video I meant to produce for the longest time. It records attempting to retrieve a time dilation program written in ATARI BASIC via an Atari 410 Cassette Recorder. The Atari didn’t have any built in disk drive. When you turned it…

Narrative, Visual

TOP PEG – Underground Cable Show 

TOP PEG was an underground cable access show that aired on the New York City’s Manhattan Neighborhood Network in the mid 90s. The subject matter of the shows varied from comedies and surreal experiments, to documentaries and music. The show was written and produced by...
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