Atari Time Machine

This is a short video I meant to produce for the longest time. It records attempting to retrieve a time dilation program written in ATARI BASIC via an Atari 410 Cassette Recorder. The Atari didn’t have any built in disk drive. When you turned it off the data was gone like a fleeting dream so you had to buy the external floppy or tape drives. It was COOL.

I also wanted to create this before I couldn’t retrieve the data any longer.

I was heavily influenced by Carl Sagan’s COSMOS around the time my Mom bought me this first computer. That converged in this curious code. I’m not sure where I came up with the maths. I didn’t really care about academics whatsoever, so now I wonder if I should get back into maths. I just like saying maths.

Sometimes I think most media from our PRESENT FREAK TECH TIME is going to be lost like films made of silver nitrate. 90% of films made before 1929 never survived.


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