Planet C – Plays and Scripts including Transmission888

The genesis of these plays and screenplays come out of a certain sensibility that manifested itself in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in the early 1990s.

Planet C is not the backup planet. It’s the planet where anything is possible while justice may NOT prevail.

Planet C may be a parallel world where the dependence on some super system AI or clunky tech, is a shadowy blind god’s eye view of autocrats who are barely in control.

Oh, and there probably isn’t Karma of any kind. Planet C is the fear of the future going horribly wrong, and good-natured people just trying to survive through their wits like my most of favorite ancestors did.  Meanwhile the overlords do not have an iota of empathy or never will.

There is a flavor of eastern block bureaucracy, nonsensical government bloat and a hierarchy of neglect attempting to control the uncontrollable in these writings. There is also a perseverance and dogged determination to rise above that unseen hand that is not attached to a human brain.

I often question if this sensibility comes from something deeper that this time and place set off; like a genetic trigger in my mind. Maybe Planet C is part of my own intuitive genetic combo of Irish, Czech, English, and Austrian. This is reflective in the language and names as well. Maybe it’s a genetic ancestor fever dream planet.

It’s a fever dream of not what is or was, but what is parallel. A psychological id branch filled with possibilities and warnings.

The book consists of 4 scripts:

  1. The Switch
  2. BUM!
  3. The Dynamite King
  4. Transmission 888 – A feature script based on the short Radio Free Blissville.

Here is the book on Amazon for $8.88.

This is a Look Book that was produced for the script Transmission888 to explore the mood and design. Enjoy.




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