Thee Humwawa

HUMWAWA ”“ The Very Last Recordings

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Recorded on Montrose Ave in Williamsburg Brooklyn between 1992-1995 Humwawa defines the wrath and smite of a VERY UGLY GOD, and that God’s ever-loving penchant for wholesale disintegration. Essentially a collection of various loose criminal affiliations, stolen electronics equipment, and drug inspired unclean living, the Humwawa recording facility had the ambiance of a windowless bunker that vaulted the confines of day and night. These recordings function as collection of artifacts which observe and investigate the interests of decay via The Institute of Death and Dying (IDD). Many of the most prized recordings were lost to time and fate. The apartment/studio was eventually confiscated by a man with a forklift who drove into the living room holding aloft a giant machine. And then the wall disintegrated revealing a humongous STOVE.

24 Hour Climax
Blueberry Yogurt
Minus D
Planting in Potter’s Field
The Sleeping and the Dead
Think of It
You Don’t Know

Here is a very special bonus track called Bogman from The Stillborn sounds album. It envelops the listener into an underwater In utero murky space much like a comforting bog with a pulse. (47:06)
Bogman – The Stillborn Sounds

Here is an early video of the track Procession from the unrecognizable Williamsburg waterfront in the early lawless 1990s. This is before the luxury condos, when they used to sacrifice chickens down there. In the video you can see a few people on the defunct old ferry called the James H. Clark which you could board during low tide. There were barely fences.


3 thoughts on “Thee Humwawa”

  1. Fueled by cough syrup and creeping ennui, these misfits in dirty bluejeans rewrote the book on ugliness. Now, their story can be told!

  2. This material ages like a rare cheese: the older it gets, the more it is filled with corruption and decay while becoming more delicious. It’s Burroughs’ black meat in musical form.

  3. You want to know what kind of people make music like this? The kind of people who pass by mothers with children on the street, and the mothers pull the children a little closer: the criminal fringe. Unclean and unwholesome, with uncertain intent.

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