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Sound, Text, Visual, Visualization Version 22 

This is about the 22nd version of this monstrosity of a website called SPILLWAY.COM. This site started out as a found photo site back in the early neanderthal days of the internet. It was called the People’s Photos. It received a lot of attention which compromised…

Documentary, Sound, Visual

Final Performance of the Pratt Steam Whistles 

The final performance after 50 years of the Pratt Steam Whistles in Brooklyn on New Year’s Eve 2015. The massive whistles are powered by a Victorian power plant which is at the beginning. The camera mic couldn’t handle the decibel level. The eerie quality of the whistles could be heard for miles across Brooklyn.



The is is a new LEDGE BY LEDGE element featuring a lot of found material from airwaves and live radio tuned into serendipity. There is noise, shortwave, birds, parallel film universes, reception from a God’s Eye antenna, and old friends. This recording is dedicated to…

Music Video, Sound, Visual

Welk Cruise 

This was an exploration into a blue screen Lawrence Welk sea cruise coupled with odd frequency limiters. The cruise is internal and subjective. The participants and singers are not actually on a physical cruise but a mental one. Don't miss the tap dancing segment. See if you can pick out...
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