Red National 60 Sheets (excerpt)

Chinese Girl at counter with little tiny padlocks. 10 layers of peeling paint on subway column. Broke up fight on platform between two businessmen. Kids compare wrong notes about atomic disasters. People sleeping outside church in car. There will be a day when people live in  eight-hundred year old tenements. There are Rottweiler dogs like huge sows wandering around in a churchyard. Wesley is an old drunken fuck-up who likes dirty magazines. On the bus there is a conversation about Carnegie hall. Kids discuss picture books about rock stars as if they know them on a first name basis. I went down to the fires of hell and spit at the devil. Who do you dance with, the handsome guy or the rich one. Why they can’t even get out of their own underwear. It’s better to apologize later than ask permission now. Waves are powerful, they can badly injure you. Adaptability and Survivability are instinctive.

X. F. Pine

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