The Orion Correlation Theory via Google Earth

I’ve always been obsessed with Pyramids and Pseudoscientific Pyramidology.

A theory I’ve heard about over years is the correlations between the constellation of Orion’s Belt and the three main Pyramids at Giza. This is also known as the OCT (Orion Correlation Theory). See this amazing paper for a more detailed explanation of the theory.

Recently I have been experimenting with composites and layers in Google Earth and had to attempt this by mapping the constellation to the ground.

Google Earth actually has the structures built into the system so you can see the correlation when the layer is installed.

Here is the .kmz layer file to download.

Here is the most recent version of Google Earth.

If you already have Google Earth installed try to “open” the .kmz file up from Google Earth and it should go into the “Places” panel on the left.

It’s easier to see the star field if you turn OFF the Panoramio photos checkbox in the “Layers’ panel on the left. Photos show up as blue dots.  Turn ON the checkbox for 3D buildings in  the left “Layers” panel to see the structures.

Notice that the map is slightly off kilter and also there are other smaller stars that seem to map to other structures on the ground nearby south of the main Pyramids.  One must also wonder if there has been some drift in the stars and astronomic angles over 4000 years since the pyramids were built.

Another part of the theory mentions that the Nile itself represents the edge of the Milky Way galaxy and the placement of the Sphinx is connected to the constellation Leo. I would need to find a larger more highly detailed map to test this.

X. F. Pine

2 thoughts on “The Orion Correlation Theory via Google Earth”

  1. Hey, I was wondering where on Earth is the Orion constellation in alignment with?Do you happen to know of any specific locations on earth that align or correlate to Orion?

  2. Perhaps similar to the ceiling at Grand Central Station (thanks for that save, Jackie O.!), the constellations may need to be inadvertently inverted in order to maintain continuity? i.e., flip it?

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