TOP PEG – Underground Cable Show

TOP PEG was an underground cable access show that aired on the New York City’s Manhattan Neighborhood Network in the mid 90s. The subject matter of the shows varied from comedies and surreal experiments, to documentaries and music. The show was written and produced by Bob Turner, Melissa Edmond, Brian Dentz and John Culhane who all created the Citizen’s Ensemble in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

The show’s legendary budget was less than three hundred dollars for 13 shows and was tediously edited on two VCRs. It was produced just before the internet took hold and at the time puny home computers were incapable of processing even a half hour 640×480 video.  These are some of the shows in their entirety.

Men at their Best

A male beauty pageant. A peculiar disclaimer at the beginning gives thanks to a vague correctional facility hinting that the dismally grainy black and white program was recorded in a prison. It is unclear who is an inmate or a guard in the contest.

Happy Shopper’s Club

One of the more elaborate productions, Mellissa plays Karen who tries to sell increasingly disturbing thrift store type junk and even a monkey brain in a jar. Chaos ensues with creepy callers and Bob makes an appearance as Jimmy the guest artist.


Sam Henderson narrates a journey and exploration of the invisible. Bob plays the intrepid UFO investigator who combs rural New Jersey in a quest while examining peeling paint, a mysterious afghan, and the location of an underground subterfuge.

Raising the Black Flag Part 1 – Fred French AKA The Bearded Man

In his debut, A Discussion of The Politics of Anarchy ”“ Part 1: The Gentle Push of a Baby, Fred French is interviewed about secret knowledge, his infinitely cryptic past, philosophy and love.

Raising the Black Flag Part 2 – Fred French AKA The Bearded Man

This part is subtitled: The Weight of the Skin and further probes topics such as war, garbage, goats, ghosts, defeating the Chinese Army, cosmic radio, and technology.

Businessman of the Future

The prophetic, Brian Skillman runs amok in midtown talking on a sleekly modern mobile phone and “on the streets” laptop office in this presentation by CORG INDUSTRIES. He interviews citizens. He takes calls and makes deals across the globe without blinking!

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