My Favorite Obsessive Youtube Channels Pt 1

Who needs cable or satellite when you have these awesomely obsessive youtube channels at your disposal. Each one is it’s own sort of universe. They are each genius experts at what they care about which makes their posts and dispositions very genuine. It’s very healthy and contagious to see people this passionate about a subject. The opposite of most passionless commercial media actually.

Treasure Hunting: Aquachigger

I think Aquachigger is destined to find something colossal soon. Let him explain the finer points of underwater metal detection in rivers and magnet fishing. His channel is also highly historical and his knowledge of coins, bullets, and other relics of the civil war is encyclopedic. His accent is also curious as he sounds both southern and  Eastern Canadian like Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys. Happy Hunting.

Visual Music: smalin

This channel breaks many classical music compositions into a wide variety of hypnotic scrolling visualizations. There are many videos and many colors. I am a bit floored by the orchestral compositions in their complexities particularly after I’ve heard the audio hundreds of times. One almost hears the composition anew. Or one becomes Synesthetic.

Puzzles: OskarPuzzle

It is unclear to me how one human could invent all of these 3D puzzles and prototypes. He must be obsessed!  I blame it on 3D printing technology.  Oskar keeps the videos short so you can move onto the next few hundred. One of my personal favorites is probably the eerie electronic 4 bit maze which is in there somewhere. No room for Trolls on his channel as Oskar could probably ZAP them with his giant brain!

Antique Food Rations: Steve1989 MREinfo

Then of course there is Steve 1989 who must carry the flag for the curious subculture of exploring and sometimes eating antique military grade food rations on Youtube. Let’s just say that Steve knows his stuff. It’s actually impossible NOT to learn something historical or culinary from his channel. He is very excited by what he does and people send him marvelous examples from over the globe. He clearly has a charisma level of 15+. Nice!

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