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The Rex84project is now closed.

Rex84 project was a recombinant midi music project based on a nine source midi files. An attempt was made to select the most annoying recognizable midi tracks. Derivatives were created by different artists on different systems.

The mp3 files were created in Fruity Loops.

Here is a megamix of some of the best results:

Results of the derivatives can be downloaded via the dev tree.

The original Midi files are below:

Source File Description
Source File 1.0 (peanuts) linus plays. Submitted by heavycreme.
Source File 2.0 (seperateways) the classic by Journey Submitted by CAVR.
Source File 3.0 (thriller) m jackson isn’t a regular guy. Submitted by glasscapsule.
Source File 4.0 (sussudio) phil collins still rocks. submitted by glasscapsule.
Source File 5.0 (reaper) blue oyster cult. a fine track. Submitted by Gladhand.
Source File 6.0 (webuiltthiscity) possibly the worst pop track ever made. submitted by Tender.
Source File 7.0 (eyeofthetiger) good to listen to while exercising in the 80s. submitted by Submitted by WowCool.
Source File 8.0 (space1999) who would go through the trouble to create a midi track for this tv show? submitted by heavycreme.
Source File 9.0 (close encounters) who could forget this cool disco version. Submitted by heavycreme.


Derivatives were expressed with version numbers. So the first derivative of a “source2” file would be called “source2.1”. A second derivative of the “source2” file would be “source2.2”. A derivative of the second derivative would be “source2.2.1” etc. A branching structure is created in this way:

* Source1
. .o Source1.1
. .o Source1.2
. . . .+ Source 1.2.1
. . . .+ Source 1.2.2
. . . . . .# Source
. .o Source1.3
* Source2


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