The OWS protests aren’t so much about evil bankers but depersonalization and the loss of control that brings.

stop_sign_stickers-225x300With corporate influence into government you receive faceless unaccountable decision making. Corporatization of healthcare, mortgage lending, and 19thcentury energy resources take advantage of individuals rather than aid them. The person is buried for profits.

There is nothing more aggravating than having to talk to some third party corporate broker (who only gives you their first name) to determine how much your sickness is going to cost.

There is nothing more disgusting in borrowing money from some abstract corporate bank who then slice and dice your debt and then change the fine print behind your back. There is no one to talk to in the end except an automated phone system.

There is nothing more disturbing than corporations that make billions of dollars who then barely put it back into the environment and whose profits are based on waste. Try rationalizing and breaking down your electric bill.

-XF Pine

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