Thee Seven Thunders

The Seven Thunders – Nite Train

Also recorded and mixed in Greenpoint in 1996 The Seven Thunders was named after the Brooklyn Indian tribe of the same name. Who could forget such mystifying samples and tracks as Thick Milky Arms ”“ RND Pathway which revealed itself on a chilly dark winter night with the aid of Nyquil. The Shit Magicians in Despotic Towers are major record companies and media consortiums.


01 – Shit Magicians in Despotic Towers.mp3 (4:48)
02 – We Must Have Moonbase Offline.mp3 (3:34)
03 – Poison Flare.mp3 (4:17)
04 – Repeats Would Not Occur Unless Manipulated By the Controller.mp3 (4:37)
05 – Thick Milky Arms ”“ RND Pathway.mp3 (6:37)
06 – Those Covered With Suffering Must Have Magic.mp3 (8:03)


Blake vs PTV

In this full on battle remix and assault between The Mystic William Blake and Thee Mystikal Psychic TV, no one wins, but what’s the difference when it comes to seeing the world in a grain of sand and holding the universe in the palm of your hand anyway. There are BIGGER constructs than we know about. They fight, and through that conflict, fit into one another like one magnificent all knowing cosmic glove.


01 – Blake vs PTV.mp3 (46:48)

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