Fond Memories of a Virus

500x_little-tikes-young-explorer-thumb-550x459-36933Just dug this up. I started getting the sircam virus in my email way back in 2001. For people who do not know the mechanisms of the virus look here. It would copy information from the “my documents” folder on any Windows 98 os machine, and send it randomly to people within that person’s outlook address book. It would mask the file, with a corrupted name, and include this message. (Hi! How are you? This is the file with the information that you ask for See you later. Thanks).

When I pulled the corrupt document down on a mac to examine it, (Never try and do this on a PC running Windows) changed the extension to a .doc, and opened in MS Word as a unformatted text file I got the following messages within hundreds of pages of noise.

There is absolutely no pattern as these messages were sent without the owner’s knowledge and were organized and distributed by a unthinking virus. I started enjoying the complete randomness of the messages after a while. I have excerpted them, and do not know any of the owners.

1. This fragment appeared to be some kind of document about dentistry in Spanish. It was translated (loosely) by babelfish from Spanish.

ERUPTION. – It is the movement from the weaves that surround it until the buccal cavity, is vertical, begins within the bone to maxilar. It initiates – when already the crown of the tooth has formed, when it has matured the enamel and when formaciÛn of raÃŒz begins. It is classified: – preclÃŒnica ErupciÛn: it is the heave of the tooth within the bone to maxilar. – clÃŒnica ErupciÛn: it is the heave of the tooth in the buccal cavity. The speed of the heave depends on the resistance of the weaves that surround to the tooth, when clÃŒnica phase arrives at wing, no longer is it and its movement is but r·pido and returns to be slow when there is contact with the antagonist. Active ErupciÛn: heave in the clÃŒnica phase and does not finish when it finds the antagonist. Within the preclÃŒnica phase there is a heave within the bone to maxilar towards the buccal cavity, this movement finds resistance in the weaves that surround the tooth. In the clÃŒnica phase there is another heave that receives the name of erupciÛn activates Èste movement initiates since part of the tooth in the buccal cavity is seen until it finds his antagonistic

2. Cannot figure out what language this is. Turkish perhaps. It appears to be about photography.

B a g i a n F o t o – F o t o i l u s t r a s i y a n g t u r u n k e B a g . D e s a i n d i h a r a p k a n f o t o f i n a l y a n g s u d a h d i s e p a k a t i d e n g a n R e d p e l s e t i a p r u b r i k . S e h i n g g a t i d a k a d a p e r u b a h a n – p e r u b a h a n d i t e n g a h j a l a n . – F o t o s u a s a n a u n t u k i s i r u b r i k h e n d a k n y a b e r i m a g e s i z e m i n i m a l b e r u k u r a n 1 4 X 1 0 c m d e n g a n r e s o l u s i m i n i m a l 1 5 0 . U n t u k f o t o l e a d F O R U T , W a w a n c a r a , F O K U S , P r o f i l , h e n d a k n y a l e b i h b e s a r d a r i u k u r a n t e r s e b u t ( k i r a – k i r a m i n i m a l s e l e b a r 2 2 c m d e n g a n r e s o l u s i 2 0 0 ) . U n t u k k o l o m a t a u l o g o d a p a t m e n y e s u a i k a n ( b i s a b e r d i s k u s i t e r l e b i h d a h u l u a t a u k i r a – k i r a m i n i m a l l e b a r 5 c m d e n g a n r e s o l u s i m i n i m a l 1 5 0 ) . – F o t o u n t u k C o v e r b e r i m a g e s i z e m i n i m a l l e b a r 2 2 c m d e n g a n r e s o l u s i s e k i t a r 3 0 0 .

3. Construction Materials airlifted via helicopter?

FROM: Bruce E. Harley Director of Operations DATE: March 5, 1999 SUBJECT: Building Access March 14, 1999 Winthrop Mangement has granted permission for the construction of a mechanical room enclosure on the roof at 1999 Broadway. Construction materials are scheduled to be air lifted to the roof via helicopter on Sunday, March 14, 1999 between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. The airlift process will involve shutting down Broadway Street from California Street to Welton Street. This is for the safety of the public. During this time frame, Sunday, March 14th from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m., access to and from 1999 Broadway Building will be restricted. The parking garage below the building will not be accessible for traffic, in or out, and pedestrian foot traffic will only have access to the building from the south pedestrian entrance along Welton Street under the supervision of the police department. The north pedestrian entrance to the building lobby will be secured and no traffic in or out will be permitted during the airlift.

4. One of the biggest steps of your young life.

VARSITY ALUMNI CLUB Dear Parents & Students: In a couple of months, your son or daughter will be taking one of the biggest steps in their young life, graduating from Torrington High School. On behalf of the Varsity Alumni Club, I want to extend my sincere congratulations to all of you for a job well done. The purpose of my letter is to also inform you of the scholarships offered by the Varsity Alumni Club on an annual basis. Each year, for the past several years, we have awarded six (6) one thousand (($1,000) dollar scholarships to six deserving seniors at Torrington High School.

5. Another strange spanish dental message. (Shovel Form?)

TEMPORARY TEETH: General differences: difference in tamaÃ’o, greater constricciÛn in the neck, pigmentaciÛn, oclusal ·rea, raÃŒces.Las crowns of the temporary incisors are wide and low. The relatively great superior power station and in shovel form, lateral the inferior lateral and central power station and the superior one are relatively but pequeÃ’os and have form of chisel, canine superior and the inferior one

6. O.K. Stranger and stranger. This appears to be the beginning of a journal written by a hitman. The message was 200+ pages. I think it is fake. I hope it is fake.

I watched him long enough to know he was a goner. Then I climbed through a window and disappeared. It all happened fast. Must not have been more than a minute from trigger to closing the car door. I get my money tomorrow, I hope. Twenty four thousand dollars. I hope it keeps snowing. I feel safer when itís snowing like this, like they canít see me. How does it feel to kill someone? I guess it feels different for everyone, or most everyone. To me it feels, kind of scary, and kind of satisfied. Scary because the unknown frightens me. Satisfied because I didit just like I planned. It was perfect. I did a damn fine job, and the guy I killed was just some low life criminal nigger. I mean, the guys I did this for are low life white scum, so Iím sure they mostly deal with their low life black counterparts. Maybe killing someone of a different race feels different, I donít know. I wont know till I get to kill a guy with blue eyes. I wonder if he had kids. I canít do this anymore. I wish I could take something to sleep, but I cant. I need to be careful, have to be prepared. I donít want others doing unto me as I have done unto them, ha, ha. Doubt I will sleep for quite some time. I threw that .22 away after I wire brushed the hell out of the barrel. Threw it in a dumpster behind a seven-eleven. I have my good old 1911 model .45 out now. I swear I have checked the safety about twenty times. I have my escape plans, I have my suicide plans, I will live or die, but I wonít be arrested. I can live, or die, with the consequences. Man, all of a sudden I am tired. I have to sleep. Iíll write more tomorrow.

7. Pissed off tenants letter. A rebate by the hour to keep everything simple. A good idea- hope they got their money.

Dear Mr. Radke, As tenants of your apartment building at 1949 Comox, we recently endured (patiently) almost five days without hot water. We understand that the accident in the boiler room rendered the hot water tank inoperable. However, in light of the fact that our rent includes basic services such as the provision of hot water, and since it is not the first time adequate hot water service has been an issue in the two years we have resided here, we believe we are entitled to a rent rebate for the month of June 2001. To keep everything simple we are requesting a rebate of $16.00/day for the four and a half days we were without hot water ( June 17th ñ mid afternoon of June 21st) for a total deduction of $80 for this month only. We have checked with the Residential Tenancy Office and discussed the matter with the Tenants Rights Action Coalition.

8. I believe this is some kind of lesson or book report. The “community” sounds slightly disturbing. Why should Jonas know what he wants to be when he is twelve?

Chapter 1 Jonas is the main character of this book, he is eleven and turning twelve in December. The community that Jonas lives in is perfect and is controlled by the community leaders. If kids or anyone violates a rule they will be punished, if it is very serious and he or she caused a lot of damage he or she would be released. When kids become twelves they are assigned an in the community and will work there for the rest of their lives. Jonas is getting mixed feelings about what he wants to be when he turns twelve. At dinners every family talks about their day and how they felt about what happened during their day. Jonas shares on how he feels and before Jonas, was his little sister Lily. Vocabulary Contributing Anxiously Over whelming Explanation Inconveniencing Apprehensive Ritual Beckoning Occasionally

Chapter 2 Jonasí father is a nurturer, nurtures take care of new born children.

9. All colleges are a rip off. Hope this person got their money back.

Then I went to the first class and I was disappointed when I was told that most of the class was unsupervised by an instructor and it was going to be up to study groups to learn most of the material. I did know about the study groups but I did not realize that they would be so much of the class and that you were graded on how the group did. I did not hear any thing from the GSL people so I decided to quit going after one class. I am now being charged for a whole semester and a computer that I have never seen. I called William Penn many times to try to get this worked out. I do not mind paying for the one class that I attended even though I was there only one day. I told the office person that Dee had told me to start the program before I had financial aid and she said Dee should not have done that.

10. What the hell is this person talking about??? It’s like a proposal proposing another proposal.

DETAILED PROPOSAL INFORMATION FOR MARIE CURIE DEVELOPMENT HOST FELLOWSHIPS DESCRIPTION OF THE RESEARCH COMPETENCE SOUGHT A. Description of the research competence sought including current state of the art, innovative aspects and scientific significance The explanation of environmental policy is prevalent in the public debate on the environment; it dominates the scientific debate, and forms the basis of international and global environmental policy. The orientation of a legislative culture concerning the environmental policy determines the success of any setting of environmental standards. It is also clear that different structure and development partners of the modern environmental policy cannot be justified in this way. The special quality of the environmental problem calls for new forms of thinking and behaving and new social and political innovations if the problem is to be overcome. This purely scientific programme aims at developing principles within an integrated system of European environmental law. The European Court of justice is developing principles of common European environmental law through a systematic comparative analysis of national legal orders and particularly of ìgeneral principles common to all legal orders of Member Statesî. This is also the work performed by the European Public Law Center since its foundation. It is considered necessary to work towards a more functional and foreseeable exercise of public powers through a fixed set of common set of common general principles B. Reasons for choice of new competence and its relevance to research group/institution At a national level the environmental policy is a relatively a new policy area in Greece. However, there is an increasing interest relating to energy, environment and sustainable development, because this country is to a grate extend vulnerable due to its geographical structure and the technology evolution which has not unfortunately been accompanied by a rational use of natural ecosystems and a long-planning strategy concerning the impact of the production and the use of the energy which is essential to her economy. In this field, the European Public Law Center has already participate in several programmes as project coordinator concerning the environmental policy in Greece and the full implementation of European legislation in Greece. In this context, the interaction among researchers is one of the major pursuits and assets of the project. The comparative legal research and the analysis on the legal parameters for a number of pressing environmental and energy concerns could be proved particularly helpful since it can give the long-term perspective, which is missing from the environmental policies in Europe. A group of young promising researchers working together as much as possible, but at the same time enjoying an overview of the existing environmental situation and the legal alternatives could undoubtedly produce fruitful results in this field. Furthermore, one of the most important elements in the europeanisation of environmental law will necessarily be the scientific work and research in those fields, in order to produce a cohesive and coherent system of European environmental law. In fact this is, the work carried out by the European Public law Center and important contributions in this field have been produced in the last years.

X. F. Pine

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