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Letter to Paul Auster 

This letter was originally mailed to Paul Auster in about 2000 when he was collecting stories on his NPR radio show Other True Tales. Some of these stories were made into the book True Tales of American Life (First published under the title I Thought My…


And Then I Woke Up 

I think about technology all the time. I think about how much it has taken over every facet of my life in a short period of time and I now try to spend weekends offline away from screens. I think about how I am part…

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Wardenclyffe: Telsa’s Lost Dream 

The Wardenclyffe tower upon completion. This image may have been fabricated as the angles seemed different. Originally written in 2011 - Updated 2021 With all recent oil panic and near nuclear meltdowns I decided to venture out to the mythical site of Wardenclyffe in Shoreham,...


Heard firsthand on the street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. (Actual Conversation): Man has a clipboard and confronts an old woman. MAN: Well, If you don’t want to sign the petition, it’s up to you. OLD WOMAN: That’s right. MAN: It’s a”¦ OLD WOMAN: You can’t make…


Artificial Moons and the Runner 

We decide to get off the train before it gets to the city. The station is in a suburban atmosphere. There is a hill that descends down from the station. My friends and I walk down to the street and the world goes dark in…

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