Heard firsthand on the street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. (Actual Conversation):

Man has a clipboard and confronts an old woman.

MAN: Well, If you don’t want to sign the petition, it’s up to you.

OLD WOMAN: That’s right.

MAN: It’s a”¦

OLD WOMAN: You can’t make ME!!!

MAN: Fine.

OLD WOMAN: I’m not going to sign it!!!

MAN: You don’t have”¦

OLD WOMAN: That’s dirty money”¦

MAN: Mammm”¦

OLD WOMAN: Regan wipes his ass with my money!!!

MAN: I’m not trying to”¦

OLD WOMAN: He took it from me and he’s wiping his ass with it.

MAN: I’m sorry.

OLD WOMAN: He took it”¦ You RAT-MEN took it!!!

MAN: I”¦

OLD WOMAN: You RAT-MEN. You stay away from  me!!!

MAN: Just”¦

OLD WOMAN: You RAT-MEN.  You took my money”¦ RAT-MEN with your cocks!!!

MAN: Be”¦

OLD WOMAN: RAT-MEN ”¦ I want my money back. You can’t take it. You’ll see.

Man with clipboard leaves defeated.

OLD WOMAN: You RAT-MEN can’t get away”¦

– X.F. Pine

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