The is is a new LEDGE BY LEDGE element featuring a lot of found material from airwaves and live radio tuned into serendipity. There is noise, shortwave, birds, parallel film universes, reception from a God’s Eye antenna, and old friends. This recording is dedicated to JJC may he rest in peace.

What Was in the Cage

My friend tunes in the radio while we are driving with my girlfriend’s Father. We ride in a large black SUV. It is nighttime in the country. There is just electric light from the dashboard. My friend finds a cult station he knows well. It broadcasts a mantra over and over again for hours on …

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Personal Transmitters

Came across this with schematics. Very cool. I love these crazy antennas reconstituted from other things like parts of fireplaces or copper tubing for the loop. The Unfair Transmitter towards the bottom is perfect for transmitting around your bomb shelter. -XFP