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Null – Glenda This early electronic music was recorded in 1985 somewhere in NJ. A major influence of these tracks was the Monday night radio show Synthetic Pleasure on WFMU. It introduced ambient electronic music before people knew what to call it. Note the track Rain which incorporated environmental records and the track Crystal which …

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Rotary Hammer

Rotary Hammer – We Will Descend, We Will Destroy Recorded in a haunted apartment on Sutton St. in Greenpoint Brooklyn circa 1995 Rotary Hammer executes sonic mind-crimes with telepathy and remote Gibson hollow-body fuzz surround infusion. With angst ridden terror leads and banshee like backing vocals (on Scarlett and WWDWWD in particular) Rotary Hammer eats …

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Rex84project – Dev Tree

Here is the complete Development Tree for the Rex84project. See the About for the origins of this project. Version Parent Track Filename 1.0000 0 source1.mid 1.1000 1 silvertounge3.mp3 1.2000 1 pee-nuts.mp3 1.3000 1 rightinthepeenuts.mp3 1.4000 1 penuts-bongocoldmedicinehighmix.mp3 2.0000 0 source2.mid 2.1000 2 serrate_wais.mp3 2.2000 2 absolutezero.mp3 2.3000 2 seperatewaysonthepch.mp3 2.4000 2 swirlywaays(falling).mp3 2.5100 2.4 swirlythoughtcrime.mp3 …

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