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COUGH PARK COMPACT DISCS is a submission based mix system collaborative which is created 2x a year. A great deal of the audio is a result of the COUGH PARK HOTLINE. (347) 601-4266 where people call and leave messages about dreams, ghost stories, music, rants and recipes for better living. 

Every special physical DISC has unique limited edition packaging by Jason & Henry McLean  For a while we only made the DISCS available by physically going to COUGH PARK at GPS Location: 40.67451, -73.99984 in person but we have since set up this bandcamp page. Any funds generated from sales or merch will go to postal fees to send out actual discs.

Thus far DISCS have been given by hand to Thurston Moore, RZA, Gary Panter, John Giorno, John Cale, Mark Mothersbaugh, Phill Niblock, Jeff Koons, Laurie Anderson, Martin Rev, Aaron Cometbus, Eric Wareheim, George Takei (Sulu)  and others. So you are in good company! We strive to make COUGH PARK COMPACT DISCS for people we respect.

There is something for everyone big and small at COUGH PARK COMPACT DISCS!

Thanks for doing what you do.




The new mix is a bit of a feedback loop of sorts. Or multiple feedback loops. There are people calling in response to coughpark bicycles that have been placed around in two countries with the hotline number but we don’t really know what country people are calling from because they don’t remember what their numbers are anymore. We are on one global bicycle riding into the void of memory. There are also people calling in from a large show that was up in Stratford, Ontario that featured a MASSIVE olde radio that played 11 hours of coughpark discs continuously. You’ll notice that one guy at the show actually parrots the Fox in Sox poem from disc5. You can see the olde time radio in the background of this picture from this article. https://whitehotmagazine.com/articles/ross-bell-at-gallery-stratford/5496 The UFO will pick up the radio soon and add this mix to the unit.
That being said, we live in remarkable times and this mix is guaranteed to make you forget your troubles.

We have also started an instagram for collective visual art efforts. https://www.instagram.com/coughpark/

Released November 4th, 20022
00:00 Ledge by Ledge
00:15 JM – Wayne from Busy Bee
00:30 Triangle Machine
01:59 Romeo Scarlett
03:08 Mike Sinkins – Rough Night
03:45 Enochian Chess Moves
04:11 Devin – Daryl
06:18 The Dogmen – Case of Paanadd?
09:12 Bike Inquiry 519-301-0726
09:42 Hot in the Street – Unknown
10:45 Live from Stratton
12:18 Tweedle Beedle 2 – ?
12:40 Ibraham Pine – Ladybugs
13:33 Jared/Car Driver – Always On, Always a Gas
16:36 Package for U
17:26 Droopy Tree
17:45 Domes of Paradise – Paste/Fern
18:51 Don – PA Message
20:07 Little Dreamo the Meme Master – Tart Dream
23:06 10th Street Rain Sketch – Martino
24:39 Mike Sinkins – As I was Young
25:13 Claudius and Dirty Feet from the Trip Towers
26:42 Olde Notebooks
27:04 Jennifer Lorraine Fraser – Chips!
28:27 Eltin Jean
29:12 Danny Lama – Marinas Hyenas Harrah
31:46 Ghosts – Tim and Masha
32:50 Diven Street Blues


So MIX11 – YOU LOOK LIKE A BILLION DOLLAR$ turned out very eerie. Lots of very mental (not metal) guitar on this one. Lots of covid uncertainty and angst. Lots of neighbor problems. Lots of looking into the abyss trying to figure out where we are going to B.

Any money made from downloads will go to shipping out CDs to Artists.


released April 23, 2022

00:00 RPC – Making an Effort
00:16 Asuna Sample
00:32 Arizona Cactus Garden – New Year New Body
01:07 toy sale
01:52 Mary – encouraging scripture
03:15 Backbreaker
03:19 Claudius – Reports From CP
04:55 dion lunadon
07:18 You are not qualified Ted
07:42 Google business vaccine please hold
09:48 Dolphin Embassy
10:43 Apron Tomacs – Spooky!
12:00 Ibrahim Pine – sampetoy
12:30 Andrew McLuhan
12:45 Ledge by Ledge
14:29 AP
17:18 Devon Marinez – Allergies
19:00 Peter Baker (God of RnR) – I Never Forget a Face Tape
21:37 Roach Talk
24:35 Eric Price
27:10 2 Floppies and a Smoothie – PPC Put a Spell on ME!
28:19 backwards russian tom thumb squad
31:52 Lady Godiva – Where are we going to B?
31:58 Domes of Paradise – Tweed
33:10 JM – open the door to your mind


The ART OF COUGH PARK book is now available in the Vander Plas Gallery Shop for $10 American Dollars + $5 shipping. Profits will be used to MAKE MORE BOOKS!!!

Contributors to the Book:

Jason McLean
Henry McLean
Devon Marinac
Michael Sinkins
Margaux Smith
Hollie Brown
Christopher Savage
Michael Rivinus Fuller
Kade McClements
Sarah Lanteigne



This mix was a bit like doing some impossible wedding seat planning where a lot of people may not always socialize together or even speak the same language, or are from the same solar system. In the end everyone nods and has a really good time though and there is a COSMIC UNION and it all flows like some EZ STREET CHEEZE. 🧀
Some great new people and olde favorites. In these dour times I hope this lifts people out of the emotional muck we are swimming in.
The cover art was a combo of Jason McLean and Margaux Smith. Limited Edition MERCH is here.
A video was created by apaull specifically for his submission March Song.

released October 1, 2021

00:00 Godfrey Bigbird – u r not audible
00:02 Ledge by ledge – 999
00:52 Dan! – Coughpark Day
01:35 Robert Dayton – No Lock on the Door
02:57 Sinkins
03:22 Brent Lewiis – Pickup Lines
04:10 National Auto Insurance
04:48 Louis Fuller – Bang Chika Bang Bang
06:40 March Song – apaull
08:47 Tennessee Jeremy Jones Cane – Homefires
09:06 Domes of Paradise – Redhill
11:12 BOBB – Grand Street Apt
11:40 Ibrahim Pine – Beeps
12:35 Washing Machine – Anthem
12:44 JM x3 – Orbs/Helium/Positive Vibes
13:00 Bap bap bap
17:26 Why We Were Born Yesterday – STHGE TWO #2
18:00 Ledge by Ledge – Z demo
18:19 Jan – Stream of Consciousness Report
20:44 Paddy Boom – Jimmy’s Chicken
21:14 Devon – Review of coughpark9
22:18 Jacques and Jen – The Situation
24:18 Dolphin Embassy – Enochian Chess Moves
26:50 SDR
27:09 Zebra Stripe – Radical Materialism
31:05 Bitcoin Terminated Today
33:20 Claudius’s Friend
33:52 Claudius
34:58 Adam Lloyd – With Friends
37:00 Beat ?
37:17 Audi Test Drive
37:53 Additional Auto Insurance?
38:10 CAVR – Wind in CO
39:32 Ric Royer – Cubbyhole
40:20 Domes of Paradise – Another Creepy Song
40:40 Jules – Remembered For
43:10 Backwards Ghost Kids
43:30 Ibrahim Pine – Dryers
44:40 Caprice White – Instructions on not Giving Up Poem by Ada Limón
45:36 Ledge by Ledge – 10 10 10


Well it’s been a strange six months. Probably the strangest in our lives. But whatever. I am sick of talking about it and of junk breaking in my apartment and vermin taking over.

Everyone needs a vacation globally. This mix is even more evidence of the collective societal unconscious that flows like a river from the mountains with fresh clean mind water. Maybe it is a sort of vacation.
Unfortunately, there is a level of angst, sickness and paranoia in this mix, but it IS what it IS and somehow I’m not surprised. Coughpark tries to be apolitical, but given what just happened in the US of A the inferences are unavoidable. Apologies to our Canadian Brothers!!! America still makes really decent reality TV!!!
More than a few people have called in via random flyers which Jason has left everywhere. So I’d like to tip a hat to those individuals that took a chance to tell their stories.
Inexplicably,  Godfrey Bigbird has some lucky voicemail where an automated bot calls him incessantly from an Indian call center, only the scammers don’t know it  so they just say hello?! hello?! over and over. He has like an hour of these delicious calls and gets more everyday. SO WE ARE HARNESSING THE BROKEN BOTS FOR OUR OWN AMUSEMENT AT COUGHPARK.
The future will be a wonderful place if people would let you just dream.

00:00 Crystal Chalice for Zaxxon
00:37 What is Coughpark?
02:10 Harris’s Joke
02:16 All Communications Will be Stopped Today
02:36 Thumbpiano
03:03 Adam – Joke
03:25 Kjimmy – Joke Rap
04:10 The Duck Pond – We Listen
04:34 No Credit – Pencil
06:31 Richard Wlodarski – Hey New York
07:56 Claudius – Recycling
09:19 Stop Texting Me
10:35 Steve – New Confusing Lockdown
12:25 Butthole – The Most Haunted Building in Chinatown
13:03 Noah Becker – Mutants!
14:55 Michael Fuller – Karate Class from Nova Scotia
15:20 Tennessee Jeremy Jones Cane – Trump Dump
18:02 Biden Win in Brooklyn Streets
19:28 Case Information Situation
19:43 Ibrahim Pine – Which One Will You Choose?
21:20 ? – Perfect harmony
23:20 CAVR – A Trip to Ikea
25:00 Come On
30:40 Gabwynn Branrael – Calcifurrian
31:09 Rotary Hammer – Pole Star 1
32:20 Brooklyn Crickets / Maddie in VT / PW – NJ coyotes
35:30 Ito? – Not Kobe
36:35 Quarter to 5 on Wednesday
38:30 Susan – Keep Your Hands to Yourself
39:55 Rotary Hammer – Pole Star 2
40:40 Wilhelmina – Waitress Memory
44:59 Tino Bread – Friend, Why You Wanna Kill Me?
47:44 Mike Sinkins – Unspoken Desires
49:18 Devon – Checking in With Orchid
51:23 Ibrahim Pine – Dippity Doo
51:49 JM – Soda Pop Memory
54:39 Robert Dayton – Mouth Guitar
55:20 Rotary Hammer – Pole Star 3
57:55 Godfrey Bigbird – Hello?! Hello!?




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